Hello and welcome to my webzone!

I am currently a Teaching Assistant Professor for the Department of Statistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

After a BS in Mathematics at Illinois, I completed a PhD in Statistics at Illinois with Ping Ma. I then spent four years as a Visiting Assistant Professor, then Lecturer and MS Academic Advisor for Statistics @ Illinois.

I recently spent a year as an Associated Assistant Professor and Data Analytics Program Specialist for the Department of Statistics at The Ohio State University. Go Bucks? While away from Illinois, I was an Adjunct Teaching Assistant Professor for Statistics @ Illinois where my course Statistical Modeling in R is part of the online Master of Computer Science in Data Science.

But now I have returned to spend even more time at Illinois. Yes, I have spent a lot of time at UIUC. I’m still mad they don’t use UIUC anymore. Oh well. Go Illini!


The best way to reach me is by email, which I check far too frequently. I have a phone, but honestly, I don’t know the number and I respond faster to email anyway.

You can also find me on GitHub and Reddit.


For the Spring 2020 semester I am teaching: Online.

Office Hours

My Spring 2020 office hours for STAT 432 can be found in the STAT 432 syllabus.

Currently, all office hours are “open” office hours, meaning you can stop by for class questions, or really anything at all, but questions about class will be given priority.

If you need to schedule a meeting outside of these times, please send an email suggesting two possible times, on two different days. (A total of four suggested times.) I have a preference for time-slots directly adjacent to current office hours or directly after a class. Please also indicate a brief agenda for the meeting. If possible, I will also try to resolve the issue immediately via email.


University of Illinois

Ohio State University



This idea is stolen from both Alex Reinhart and Cosma Shalizi. My current use case might be slightly different than theirs. They also have clearly written a lot more.